Editorial Board


Kalmykova L.O., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Managing Editor

Selivanova O.O., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Cherkasy);

Editorial Board members

Lyla M.V., Ph.D. Assistant professor (Psychology) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Naval’na M.Y., Dr., Assistant professor (Philology) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Letiucha L.P., Ph.D. Assistant professor (Philology) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Karpiuk M.D., Ph.D., Assistant professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Executive Editor

Kharchenko N.V., Ph.D., Assistant professor (Pedagogy) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi).

Publishers Board


Ball H.O., Dr., Professor (Psychology) Associate Member NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv);

Boltivets C.I., Dr., Assistant professor (Psychology) (Kyiv);

Bondarenko O.F., Dr., Professor (Psychology) Associate Member NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv);

Bulah I.S., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Kyiv);

Chepelieva I.V., Dr., Professor (Psychology) Associate Member NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv);

Fomina N.A., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Ryazan, Russia);

Gerganov E., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Sophiya, Bolgarіya);

Jill G. de Villiers, Ph.D., Professor (Psychology) (Smith, USA);

Korniyaka O.M., Dr., Senior scientifi c worker (Psychology) (Kyiv);

Kyuchukov Kh.S., Dr., Professor (Pedagogy) (Berlin, Germany);

Losova O.M., Dr., Assistant professor (Psychology) (Kyiv);

New William, Dr., Professor (Psychology) (USA);

Pavlova I.D., Dr., Senior scientifi c worker (Psychology) (Moscow, Russia);

Rumiantseva I.M., Dr., Professor (Psychology and Philology) (Moscow, Russia);

Semychenko V.A., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Kyiv);

Shvalb Yu.M., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Kyiv);

Yatsenko T.S., Dr., Professor (Psychology) Associate Member NAPS of Ukraine (Kyiv).

Zasiekina L.V., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (Lutsk);


Vulych T., PhD, Assistant professor (Philology) (Nysh, Serbia);

Hluschenko V.A., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Sloviansk);

Horoshko O.I., Dr., Professor (Philology, Social communication) (Kharkiv);

Yevtovych Z., PhD, Professor (Philology) (Nysh, Serbia);

Kovalevs’ka T.Yu., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Odesa);

Kohanovs’ka O.M., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Kompantseva L.F., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Mazoha H.S., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Marcus D., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Riga, Latvia);

Radziyevs’ka T.V., Dr., Senior scientifi c worker (Philology) (Kyiv);

Rumiantseva I.M., Dr., Professor (Psychology and Philology) (Moscow, Russia);

Tseitlin C.N., Dr., Professor (Psychology) (St. Petersburg, Russia).


Burton A.J., Dr., Professor (Social communication) (Mississippi, USA);

Bartoszek A., Dr., Profesor (Socjologiczny) (Katowice, Poland);

Bebyk V.M., Dr., Professor (Politology) (Kyiv);

Vladimirov V.M., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Havra D.P., Dr., Profesor (Socjologiczny) (St. Petersburg, Russia);

Zelins’ka N.V., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Korpaniuk M.P., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Kotsur V.P., Dr., Professor (History), Academician NAPS of Ukraine (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Kusnetsova T.V., Dr., Professor (Social communication) (Kyiv);

Masenko L.T., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Myhailyn I.L., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kharkiv);

Pavlovych D., PhD, Assistant professor (Social communication) (Nysh, Serbia);

Potiatynnyk B.V., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Lviv);

Rizun V.V., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Serazhym K.S., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv);

Tokman’ H.L., Dr., Professor (Pedagogy) (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi);

Holod O.M., Dr., Professor (Philology) (Kyiv).



Bilichenko A.M., Cand., major teacher.,

Bondarenko O.F., Dr., Professor (Psychology) Associate Member NAPS of Ukraine,

Bocheliuk V.I., Dr., Professor (Psychology),

Verbytskyi V.V., Dr., Professor (Pedagogy),

Zasyekina L.V., Dr., Professor (Psychology),

Кikinedzhi О.М., Dr., Professor (Psychology),

Lozova O.M., Dr., Professor (Psychology),

Nosenko Е.L., Dr., Professor (Psychology),

Pohodenko S.V., Cand., Senior lecturer (Philology),

Ushakova O.S., Dr., Professor (Pedagogy),

Fomina N.O., Dr., Professor (Psychology),

Tsymbal S.V.,Ph.D., Assistant professor (Psychology),

Sheremet M.K., Dr., Professor (Psychology).


Batsevych F.S., Dr., Professor (Philology),

Huseynova І.А., Dr., Professor (Philology),

Kartashkova F.I., Dr., Professor (Philology),

Оrlova N.V., Dr., Professor (Philology),

Svinchukova Ye.І., Ph. D., Assistant professor (Philology),

Frolova І.Ye., Ph.D., Assistant professor (Philology),

Khrystianinova R.О., Dr., Professor (Philology).


Yelnikova H.V., Dr., Professor (Pedagogy),

Popovskyi A.M., Dr., Professor (Philology),

Finkler Yu.Ye., Dr., Professor (Philology),

Chervonetskyi V.V., Dr., Professor (Pedagogy).

Duties and Responsibility of Editorial Board

The release of Collection in the activity follows the next transnational principles:

  • executes the requirements of the – Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) and Berlin Declaration Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities);
  • adheres to editorial independence;
  • gives priority to the discussion;
  • removes any conflicts of interests according to the worked out mechanism;
  • encourages and supports scientific honesty;
  • gives advantage to the intellectual standards and levels of materials, but not to the financial and political benefit and commercial reasoning;
  • satisfies scientific necessities and interests of authors and readers;
  • systematic conducts the work in the improvement of Collection;
  • guarantees quality of materials which are published;
  • provides anonymity in the system of mutual relations «Author – Reviewer (- ers)»;
  • informs the authors about rules and requirements for publication;
  • provides freedom in expression the opinions of authors of the articles;
  • watches after observance of the intellectual ownership rights;
  • develops recommendations and rules of manuscripts criticizing;
  • protects confidentiality of these individual recipients - investigated which participated in psycholinguistic longetude and mass experiments;
  • develops the mechanisms of conflict of interest decisions;
  • operatively publishes a correction, clarification, refutation and apology, when it is necessary;
  • foresees possibility of appeal realization
  • adheres to tolerance in the intercourse.