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Collection of scientific works of "Psycholinguistics", (farther is Collection) was founded in 2008. Its founder is the Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University of the Departments of education and science of Ukraine. Collection is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine as the printed medium of communication and it is brought into the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, in which the results of dissertation works can be published on the receipt of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences in psychological sciences (Minutes № 747 from 13.07.2015) and philological sciences (Minutes № 1604 from 22.12.2016).

Collection keeps scientific traditions of home and foreign psycholinguistics, bases of which are formed by О.О. Potebnia, L.S. Vyhotskyi, V. fon Gumbolt, F. Boas, H. Steintal, Ch. Oshood, G. Carrol, Т. Сibeok, I.О. Baudouin de Curtenay, L.V. Shcherba, О. Luria, О.М. Leontiev, М.I. Zhynkin, О.О. Leontiev and other prominent linguists and psychologists, develops the modern home and world approaches to the researches of vocal-language communicative phenomena, offers the newest looks to the phenomena of language, speech and thought of man ontogenesis, and presents the newest results of psycholinguistic theoretical and experimental inventions.

With the aim of providing free access of world scientific association to authorial developments, the articles are included on the web site of edition, given to the external bibliographic and abstract databases and informative systems. With the aim of spreading in the international scientific space of data, published in Collection, the work is constantly carried out with the further plugging of this edition in the other scientific metrical bases of the world countries. The release of Collection conduct an active activity in providing of Collection presentation in the leading libraries of Ukraine and world.