The Analysis of Translation Reception of Colour Signs’ Semantics in Modern Ukrainian Poetry

  • Tetyana V. Zabolotna SHEE «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogica University named after Hryhorii Skovoroda»
Keywords: poetry, translation, literary translation, reception, color semantics, verbal picture of the world, comparative studies of literature


The author of the article studies the mechanisms of Ukrainian poetry reception in the English-speaking world. The idea of international  exchange as a complex psychological and mental formation, mediator between two cultures is confirmed. The receptive approach to translation problems consist in identifying of mutual penetration and synthesis of two cultural systems. The study is based on the collection of Ukrainian poetry: ‘Twenty-five years of Ukrainian poetry (1985-2010): new voices of freedom which is necessary to create’. The main idea of the receptive translation of color signs semantics is to discover the perception of the world through the ‘prism of color’ because a color palette reflects the linguistic system received from human experience in the language. For this purpose, the article analyzes the semantics of color signs used in the works of modern Ukrainian poets. The knowledge of semantics is necessary to understand the message of the work, which is very important for the correct perception of poetry and adequate color reception. It should be noted that the reception of color realizes the goals which help to reveal the author's intent. Color symbols are cultural-historical, cultural-psychological and cultural-aesthetic native speakers. Color can mean not only concrete objects, but abstract concepts.


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