The Influence of National Mentality on Translation Reception

  • Nina S. Khrystych SHEE «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University named after Hryhorii Skovoroda»
Keywords: translation, worldview, reception, mentality, concept, conceptual picture of the world, American dream, Ukrainian dream


The article presents the results of study of modern Ukrainian poetry and its translation in English. The essence of the research involves not only comparing the original and the translation, understanding the process of shifting, but also a number of other issues related to the study of language picture of the world and features of national mentality. We try to make an attempt to prove that worldview competence of interpreter facilitates accurate reflection of the content and the beauty of the artwork and deliver it to the recipient identity such as the foreign language culture media. The author proves the idea that translation reception of modern Ukrainian poetry in the English-speaking world is due to the general trend of modern translational researches that promote entry of the modern Ukrainian poetry in the English world. Apart from the theoretical interest, driven by our research and practical today's needs which are connected with the study of verbal reflection of the world by an author and the ways of verbal reception of the world. The distribution of translations of Ukrainian authors contributes to the convergence of language and conceptual pictures of the world that come into translational relations, deepening of the common background of native speakers. The wide mutual acquaintance of peoples via translations of fiction provides the enrichment of cultures and the growth of the quality of translations, improving their linguistic culture. The research process of reception systems of the modern Ukrainian and English languages contributes to a greater degree of objectivity within the meaning of language world.


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