International terrorism, electronic media-operation and regulation of TV news channels during the terrorism coverage

  • Ratnesh Dwivedi Amity University (Uttar Pradesh, India)
  • Sarah Partlow Lefvre Idaho State University (USA)
  • Swati Bute Amity University (India)
Keywords: terrorism, BBC, CNN, CNN-IBN, coverage, regulation


The concept of globalization or internationalization of certain wars, which were result of terrorist activities worldwide, as well as the high attention of terrorism coverage worldwide broadcasting might open up better opportunities to journalists – particularly to those who work in democratic countries like U.S.A and India – to improve their coverage. The context is the key: the context of the operation methodology, follow of regulatory bodies guidelines,  the journalistic culture and the global environment.

It is very important how media presents consequences of terrorist acts, how information is transmitted to public. Television and press have had a significant impact on how public receives terrorist acts and their consequences. As a result, nearly each public survey indicates that responders almost anywhere put fear of terrorist acts on the top of their priority list.

In order to reach out a conclusion on this paper, a researcher has gone through number of books related to terrorism and media, has examined significant number of journals which deals with core issue of terrorism and its coverage by media.


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Author Biographies

Ratnesh Dwivedi, Amity University (Uttar Pradesh, India)

Ph.D., Scholar of the Amity School of Communication
Amity University (Uttar Pradesh, India)

Sarah Partlow Lefvre, Idaho State University (USA)

Ph.D., Professor
Idaho State University (USA)

Swati Bute, Amity University (India)

Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Amity University (India)


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Evidence for this assessment can be found in Tim Gallimore's valuable paper, 'Media Compliance with Voluntary Press Guidelines For Covering Terrorism', presented at the Terrorism and the News Media Research Project conference.

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