Correction of speech disorders by means of body-oriented therapy

  • Iryna Revutska SHEE «University of management in education»
Keywords: speech, disorders, stammering, dysarthria, aphasia, dyslalia, body-oriented therapy, correction, pronunciation, muscles, nervous activity, relaxation, movements, facial expression, reflex


Speech disorders have been examined in the article. Types of speech disorders as well as causes of its emergence from the neuropsychological, speech therapy, pedagogical and psychological points of view, have been studied through theoretical analysis.

Nonverbal approach to speech disorders correction has been proposed - body-oriented therapy. Methods of body-oriented therapy have been examined and described.

Reich’s body-oriented psychotherapy, that helps to remove blocks from the oral segment, release the jaw, throat and neck clips, as well as F.M. Alexander’s integral movement method, owing to which psychotherapist had cured himself of aphasia, have been presented. Body-oriented methods of massage therapy, articulation and deep face massage, combination of nonverbal and verbal methods via speech synchronization with body movements – fingers of dominant arm have been studied.

Techniques of the proposed methods of body-oriented therapy have been described.


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Author Biography

Iryna Revutska, SHEE «University of management in education»

SHEE «University of management in education»,
52-A Sich Gunner str., Kyiv, 04053


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