Discursive Practices as Components of Psychologists’ Professional Speech Activity

  • Heorhii V. Kalmykov Donbas State Pedagogical University
Keywords: discourse, discursive practices, professional speech activity, psychologist


In this article the modern psycholinguistic notion of discourse and discursive practices is revealed and given the author’s understanding of discursive practice as a part of psychologist’s  professional speech activity, including its external speech phase in the generative process as a system of speech acts - expressions; are proposed the singled out and nominated by author of the article types of discourses, in particular, discourse-paraphrase, discourse-information, promotional discourses, discourses-aposiopesis, echo-discourses, discourse-actualization, discourse-explanation, discourse-generalization etc.; are considered various discursive practices of psychologists-therapists and psychologists- consultants, depending on psychological problems of clients and the results of supervision cases; it is proved that the correct construction of a certain type of psychotherapeutic discourse makes therapeutic effect and success of professional activity of a psychologist.


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