Universal “Soul” in the Context of Innovative (Channeling) Knowledge of the XXI-st century

  • Mariia D. Karpyuk SHEE «Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University named after Hryhoriy Skovoroda»
Keywords: Higher Cosmic Mind, Hierarchy of the Forces of Light, the Highest “I”, consciousness, Soul, Akasha, Quantum transition, channeling


This article is the first attempt to analyze at least partially available innovation (channelingg) information on universal “Soul”, which remains a mystery at the beginning of the XXI-st century; the information is submitted by the Supreme Cosmic Mind on the structure of the human Soul, its attributes and groups. Professional youth and educators of the various branches of knowledge, therefore, by taken into consideration the innovative information, firstly on the turn of the millennium get an opportunity ideologically rely not on the assumptions and theories of the past centuries, but develop their own self-consciousness in the context of real intellectual and ideological transformations of our time, deeper understand the own nature, and the vector of the future development.

It was also done functional and stylistic and lexico-phraseological analysis concerning distribution in Ukrainian language of the lexeme “Soul”, which clearly demonstrates its remoteness in Ukrainian ethnic culture and mentality that have ancient Hyperborean-Aryan roots. Urgency of regarding the issue concerning the nature, structure and functions of the universal “Soul” is due to the fact that human cycle of modern science does not answer the question, what is the Soul? It happened that the concept of “Soul” is replaced by the term “mind” and the mind by mental activity. In fact, there was a substitution of concepts.

Without studying knowledge about man categories and notions based on innovative information modern education cannot be updated in the context of current requirements and respond effectively to requests of energy-informative day. There are different ways to motivate and evaluate the situation that actually exists concerning the universal “Soul”, but undeniable is that the knowledge which we have, are relative and need constant updating and deepening.


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