Privacy Statement

The policy of confidentiality, privacy and consent to personal data processing

Authors and Reviewers

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed with due respect to confidentiality of the Authors, and the Authors entrust the Editorial Board with the results of their research and creative efforts which can determine their reputation and career. The Reviewers shall ensure the Authors’ rights as regards non-infringement of confidentiality in case of disclosing personal and scientific data in the course of reviewing manuscripts. The Reviewers also have the right to confidentiality which is supported by the Editor. Confidentiality compromise is allowed in case of dishonesty or fraud on the part of the Author.

The Editorial Board shall not disclose any information regarding the manuscripts (including their receipt, contents, review status, criticism of the Reviewers or final status) to persons other than the Author and Reviewers. This provision includes requests to use materials for legitimate professional and scientific actions.

The Editorial Board emphasizes constantly to the Reviewers that the manuscripts submitted for expert examination are privileged and private property of the Authors. Hence the Reviewers and Members of the Editorial Board shall be respectful to the Authors’ rights, abstain from public discussion of their works and avoid seizing the Authors’ ideas to their own manuscripts. The Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscripts to their own files or give the manuscripts to third parties, except for cases when the Editor’s permission to do so is available. The Reviewers shall return or destroy copies of the manuscripts after submitting their expert opinions. The Editorial Board does not keep copies of rejected manuscripts.

Comments of the Reviewers are not published or disclosed in any other way without consent of the Reviewer, the Author and the Editor.

The Authors shall acquaint with the Information on the confidentiality policy (references) of the present Collection before submitting the manuscripts, to see that reviews are anonymous, identities of the Reviewers are not disclosed to the Author or anyone else without the consent of the Reviewers, and that in some particular cases, comments of the Reviewers can be sent to third parties engaged in analyzing the same manuscript to help the Reviewers gain better understanding of the examination process. The Reviewers are informed of the final decision of the Editorial Board and the Editor to accept or reject a manuscript.